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The Agilent 54657A, 54658A, and 54659B Measurement/Storage Modules provide additional measurement and storage capabilities to the Agilent 54600�CSeries oscilloscopes. The 54657A has a GPIB interface and the 54658A has a RS-232 interface. The 54659B has a RS-232 interface plus an additional parallel output connector that allows the module to be connected to both an RS-232 controller and a parallel printer at the same time.Need to monitor waveforms via GPIB but do not want to sit by your Agilent 54600-series scope? Add this easy-to-install module and you will expand the power and waveform memory of your Agilent scope.The Agilent 54657A GPIB measurement storage module is compatible with all Agilent 54600 products. The 54657A can be used with the Agilent 54620A/C logic analyzers for I/0 only. FFT feature allows you to analyze your signal in the frequency domain Adds GPIB and remote programming capability Can store up to 100 traces in nonvolatile memory Adds unattended waveform monitoring - can store out-of-limit traces Full programmability Three additional automatic voltage measurements (amplitude, preshoot, and overshoot) Two additional automatic time measurements (delay and phase angle). User defined measurement thresholds of 10%/90%, 20%/80%, or selected voltage levels Two additional cursor measurements (voltage in percent and time in degrees) Two additional cursor measurement sources (math function 1 and 2) Waveform math functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, differentiation, integration, and FFT) Time and date tagging of hard copy and nonvolatile memories Three uncompressed nonvolatile trace memories Unattended waveform monitoring by use of mask templates Built-in automatic mask generation and mask editing capabilities Hardcopy output to printer or plotter