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The Agilent 87130A attenuator/switch driver is a GPIB compatible instrument designed to drive electromechanical switches and step attenuators.The attenuator/switch driver can deliver 500 mA, 24 Vdc current pulses to 31 individual switch sections and up to a total of 248 switch sections by the addition of external 84940A driver boards (or driver boards inside externally connected equipment such as switch matrixes). These low impedance pulses can be adjusted for pulse width in order to optimize switching speed. Pulse width and sensing delay can be set from 0.005 to 1.275 seconds.
Sensing Disabled - Each switch coil is internally connected to the +24 V bias supply. A power transistor on the driver board supplies the ground that will activate the switch coil. The controller assembly actuates the transistor for a predetermined time that is set by the Width command. The default setting is 30 ms
Sensing Enabled - For switches that can be sensed, the switch coil is internally connected to the +24 V bias supply via a dc switch that removes the bias from the activated coil after the switch has changed position and applies the bias to the opposite coil. By monitoring the presence of this bias through the opposite coil, the switch controller can determine the switch position. After the initial 30 ms closure pulse, an additional 20 ms time is allowed for the sense lines to settle. At this time an error and a programmed position check are performed. The power supply allows the switch driver four switching operations at the same time. This means that at the default setting, seven groups of four switches and one group of three switches will each take 50 ms to switch and verify. This results in a default switching speed of 0.4 seconds for 31 relays with sensing enabled
Front Panel - The front panel LEDs indicate the status of the 87130A attenuator/switch driver. The front-panel LEDs should turn on and off while the switch driver is performing the self-test. If the ERROR LED lights at any time other than during self test, an error condition exists in the switch matrix. The switch driver ERROR light indicates it is ready to report one or more error codes. The error codes may be viewed by using the Error command from a controller
Drive Capacity: 248 relays, when mated with seven external 84940A daisy chained driver cards. The equivalent of one 84940A driver card is installed within the 87130A
Voltage: +24 +3.0 / -1.5 Vdc
Current Pulses
1600 mA maximum per four relay group
400 mA per relay (typically 500 mA maximum)
Pulse width is adjustable for 5 ms to 1275 ms ±5 ms, in 5 ms steps
Load Inductance: Typically <500 mH
Load Capacitance: Typically <0.01 µF
Switching Speed: Sensing delay is adjustable, per relay, from 5 to 1275 ms ±5 ms. Pulse width is also adjustable, per relay, from 5 to 1275 ±5 ms. Power Supply recovery time is adjustable from 0 to 200 msec. The final switching speed is a function of pulse widths, sensing delays, the sequence of relays driven, the state of the chosen channels, and the Power Supply Recovery Time
Remote Programming: All functions are GPIB programmable except the line switch and bus address. The 87130A can output over the interface almost all settings, error/malfunction codes and operational status codes
Interface to Controller: GPIB
Interface to External Driver Cards: 36-pin SCSI II type
Interface to Relays: 68-pin SCSI II type
Hardware Limits: Each open collector driver IC can drive only one channel at a time (a maximum of four switches) to avoid exceeding package dissipation limits