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The Huntron HSR410, Switcher, that was designed as a compatible interface for the Huntron Tracker, and together these units create an effective test system for component troubleshooting. The Switcher lets you troubleshoot circuit boards IC by IC instead of pin by pin. Two IC clips route the signals from both the board being tested and a known good board through the Switcher to the Tracker. The rate at which the signals are compared on the Tracker's CRT is controlled by a variable rate controller on the Switcher. 

The Switcher also can be used with other general purpose test equipment for power-on troubleshooting. For example, a multimeter can be used with the switcher to compare voltage and current levels in boards under test. The switcher has 40-pin selection for pin to pin comparisons of ICs. These can be used to select and display individual signatures. Jumpers on the Switcher enable any of the IC pins to be selected as a reference.